Hosted Desktops

Hosted Virtual Desktop is a new form of desktop computing. It removes the need for “traditional” physical desktop PCs in the office environment, and reduces the cost of providing applications and computing services that you need. A hosted desktop looks and behaves like a regular desktop PC, but the software and data you use are hosted in a data centre and streamed securely to wherever you are. You access your hosted desktop securely over an internet connection from an existing PC or laptop, IPAD or thin client.

Hosted virtual desktop computing from We are Cloud is  fully customisable, cost efficient and scalable allowing you to connect from anywhere you are.

It's a simple idea. Instead of your business dealing with the costs and risks of installing and maintaining the hardware and software that is needed, We Are Cloud provides round the clock access to desktops and applications. Hosted desktops give you all the benefits of a sophisticated and responsive IT infrastructure, but at a fraction of the cost of the traditional model. From day one of your relationship with us you will benefit from ready-to-use solutions and a reduction in expense, especially as your business grows and changes.

Our solution gives you the freedom and cost efficiency of a true hosted desktop without any hassle, all delivered securely at lightning speed over the network. Cloud computing lets you decide which parts of your IT infrastructure you want to manage directly or change. Powerful workgroup features are also available to get your team working together quickly and efficiently.


We Are Cloud’s virtual desktop platform, because it’s virtualised allows for true user customisation within an environment. So you can install any line of business applications you wish, configure look at feel and all manner of things to suit your customer's need.

Integrate with your Existing Environment

Allow for VPN and other ways to connect a tactical or full scale hosted virtual desktop solution into your existing servers, voice and other IT elements, there are many ways it can be successfully achieved - this gives you the opportunity to phase deployments and also take things slowly in a cloud migration.

Migration, Assistance and Consultation

It is our vision that businesses need help on the journey right from inception to understand which pieces of their IT are suitable, which are not, and how to integrate and use it to its full potential. That's why at We Are Cloud we work with you to fully provide customised local support, on-site assistance, consultancy and migration expertise to help you leverage the tailor made We are Cloud solution.

Get Going Quickly and Change

Each hosted virtual desktop is activated within hours, so you can start work almost immediately! Additional power, software and features can be easily added, meaning you only have to pay for what you need, when you need it.

Save over 50% per user

Savings can be made almost immediately through reductions in capital costs, power, management and other associated soft costs, which can add up to thousands of pounds - even for a small business.

Solutions for larger businesses

We Are Cloud offers a basic, powerful hosted desktop model which you can easily customise and extend. Whether you are a small business with 5 users or a larger business with 500, you can benefit from options such as active directory domains, VPN connectivity, LAN extension, file and resource sharing, collaboration and productivity tools - everything that you would normally have access to on your office network.