Infrastructure Solutions

We are Cloud eliminates the requirement for complicated and expensive traditional multiple business systems and the need for managing and maintaining server hardware and applications.

Many companies have multiple sites and need a consistent infrastructure across all locations. The key benefits of hosted infrastructure is the ease of mass management because all servers reside centrally and can be easily managed.

Virtual servers offer ready to use, fully supported sever capacity. That said, they don’t have to act alone, We are Cloud can integrate with your existing networks if you prefer a staged approach to cloud integration allowing you to take some or all of your infrastructure off-site and benefit from lower total cost of ownership, higher performance, full scalability and reliability.

Virtual server and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) models challenge traditional infrastructure deployment methods by allowing companies to take some or all of their infrastructure off-site and benefit from lower total cost of ownership, higher performance, full scalability and enterprise grade reliability. You even have the option to mix and match your infrastructure with our Hybrid Cloud options.

With your tailor-made and customised We are Cloud solution, you no longer manage your hardware and software, this falls to us as your service provider.  With the shared infrastructure, you only pay for the IT resources you need, upgrades are actioned automatically and you provide your organisation with the resources they require when they need it on a short-term flexible basis and downgrade when not needed making it fully scalable.

Whatever your requirements are, we will ensure that you have a specific and customised solution to your business infrastructure requirements.

Public Cloud:-

Suited to – Companies that need to bring a service to market quickly, have less regulatory hurdles to overcome, or are looking to outsource part or all of their organisational IT requirements. Under this scenario, the business can simply sign-up for and start using cloud solutions, online storage and other services immediately.

Private Cloud:-

Suited to – Businesses that must comply with strict regulations or that have highly critical applications will choose internal Private Clouds. With a private cloud, businesses install their own server and storage hardware but have the flexibility to shift workloads among servers as usage spikes or they deploy new applications.

Hybrid Cloud:-

Suited to – E-commerce. Because e-commerce sites must respond to fluctuations in traffic both on a daily and seasonal cycle, the actual work of processing the orders can benefit from the elastic characteristics of public cloud resources. On the other hand, legal regulations strictly govern how personal and payment information can be handled, and this type of sensitive data is more secure if it stays “on-premise” in the Private Cloud. This hybrid solution represents the best of both worlds as it places the order processing and transactional front-end of the shop where it can take advantage of resource scalability, while it keeps the payment and account management services strictly private.

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