Why Use The Cloud?

There are many reasons why organisations of all sizes and types are adopting this model of IT. It provides a way to increase capacity or add capabilities on demand without investing in new technology or infrastructure, training new personnel, or licensing new software. Ultimately, it can save companies a considerable amount of money.

Removal / Reduction of Capital Expenditure

At We are Cloud, we enable you to control costs and lower your total cost of ownership for IT by letting you ‘pick and choose’ the services you need, as and when you need them, rather than tying up large sums of capital procuring and integrating the required technologies. The substantial costs associated with managing, maintaining and upgrading the technology mix are eliminated by We are Cloud leaving you provision for other critical operations and business investments.

Minimal Upfront Costs

Many IT departments continue to struggle with cost inefficiency due to high hardware investment costs and software upgrade barriers which make IT Services inflexible.  The We are Cloud model enables you to pay for the IT resources you need, when you need it. Provide your organisation with the resources they require when they need it on a short-term flexible basis and downgrade when not needed.

Reduced Administration Costs

IT solutions can be deployed extremely quickly by We are Cloud.  We take the responsibility for managing, maintaining, patching and upgrading - all remotely and securely.

Improved Resource Utilisation

Combining resources into cloud reduces costs and maximises utilisation by delivering resources only when they are needed. You need never worry about over-provisioning for a service whose use does not meet your predictions, or under-provisioning for one that becomes unexpectedly popular.

Scalability on Demand

Scalability and flexibility are highly valuable advantages offered by We are Cloud, allowing you to react quickly to your changing IT needs, adding or subtracting capacity and users as and when required and responding to real rather than projected requirements.

Faster Time to Market / Implementation

Without the need to purchase hardware, software licences or implementation services, We are Cloud can get your chosen cloud solution off the ground in minutes.

Anywhere Access

The We are Cloud service lets you access your applications and data securely from any location via an internet connection. It’s easier to collaborate too; with both the application and the data stored in the cloud, multiple users can work together on the same project, share calendars and contacts.

Disaster Recovery / Backup

Recent research has indicated that around 90% of businesses do not have adequate disaster recovery or business continuity plans, leaving them vulnerable to any disruptions that might occur.  At We Are Cloud, we provide an array of disaster recovery services should the worst happen, from cloud backup to having ready-to-go desktops and services in case your business is hit by problems.

Cloud IS secure

Unlike large scale public cloud providers, depending on which We are Cloud solution you employ, we give you complete transparency over where your data is stored.  What’s more, if you need to be able to store data in a certain country for compliance or data protection reasons, you can choose from one or more of our enterprise data-centres located around the world in order to fulfil those obligations.

You can be confident that your data is safe and will always be available to you, and only you, minimising business risk.  Our managed server protects you from the ever present threat of viruses and loss of data. We ensure that all security measures are utilised in order to protect your data.  We adhere to strict privacy policies and sophisticated security measures which mean the Cloud can actually be more secure than a typical on-premise setup.  To protect data and security, we use a TripWireTM intrusion detection system (IDS).  IDS is used to log and look for unusual network and user behaviour and has a number of automatic triggers to alert engineers of unusual behaviour.  This costs a good deal less than would be the case for achieving the same levels of security in-house.

Environmentally Friendly

Cloud Computing reduces energy consumption and carbon footprint.